Full Threaded Rods From Bristol Machine Company

Full Threaded Rods from Bristol Machine Company are widely used in manufacturing, construction, fabrication, agriculture, automotive, plumbing, electrical, and maintenance repair applications. Full Threaded Rods, often referred to as All Thread Rod, are common fasteners that are used in multiple construction applications and are typically stocked and sold in 3 – 12 ft or they can be cut to a specific length. A Full Threaded Rod at Bristol Machine Company is a relatively long rod that is threaded on both ends, the thread may extend along the complete length of the rod. Bristol Machine Company manufactures Single, Double, and Fully Threaded Rods in a variety of grades and finishes.

Full Threaded Rods are used in multiple different construction applications. These rods can be installed in concrete slabs and used as epoxy anchors. Full Threaded Rods can also be used as alternatives to anchor rods, used for pipe flange connections, used as double arming bolts in the pole line industry, and as rods in Clevis Assemblies. Full Threaded Rods can often be used as Anchor Bolts. They are embedded into concrete and provide pull out resistance with their fully threaded bodies, along with the help of a nut or a nut and plate combination. All Full Threaded Rods are specified using the bolt specification F1554 in Grades 36, 55, and 105.

All Full Threaded Rods at Bristol Machine Company are manufactured in 3 ways:

  • Mass-Produced
  • Cut-to-Length
  • Cut-Thread

Common grades and diameters are mass produced and are available at Bristol Machine Company. Cut-to-Length Full Thread Rods uses the rods that are mass produced which are then cut to the finished length with the ends chamfered. Cut-Thread Full Thread Rods are manufactured for specific grades that are special ordered.

Full Threaded Rods at Bristol Machine Company are measures using two dimensions, diameter and length. All fabricated products at Bristol Machine Company can be ordered in a 1/2” – 4” diameter. Full Threaded Rods at Bristol Machine Company are available in Plain Steel, Zinc Plated, or Hot-Dip Galvanized. A Plain Finish Full Threaded Rod is referred to a rod that is raw and not coated. Hot-Dip Galvanized Full Threaded Rods are used on rods that will be exposed to outside elements to prevent corrosion. Full Threaded Rods are Zinc Plated for aesthetic purposes since it can be plated in multiple colors and can provide a consistent polished coating. Full Threaded RodsThread Pitch can vary from Coarse Thread Series, Fine Thread Series, and 8-Thread Series. Please Contact Bristol Machine Company for other types of coatings available.

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    F1554-36, F1554-55, F1554-10, A193-B7, A354-BD, A449

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