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Bristol Machine Company is a proud distributor of Drill Bits for high industrial applications. Concrete Drill Bits, or Masonry Bits, allow pre-drilling and installation of mechanical anchors (Concrete Anchors) and concrete and masonry screws. Concrete Drill Bits will work with drills that have a standard three-jaw-style chuck.

Concrete Drill Bits can drill through concrete and can also drill through brick and stone. Concrete Drill Bits with a carbide tip are the strongest and perform better when they are sharp. When drilling through concrete, drilling with concrete bits at a lower speed will be more efficient and will prevent overheating. Concrete Bits are available in a wide range of sizes.

Concrete Drill Bits are almost always used with a hammer drill. A hammer drill will do the job very quickly due to the spinning action of the drill bit and the hammer action of the drill. When using the drill, the concrete bits hardened head will continually bump against the concrete and break it down, while the flute of the drill bit will push the dust out and away from the hole.

Bristol Machine Company also distributes 135 Split Point and Straight Shank Drill Bits.

135 Split Point Drill Bits are designed for jobsite durability and an extended life. A 135 Split Point Drill Bit starts on contact and eliminates walking for fast and accurate holes. These bits are perfect for drilling on curved surfaces and are highly recommended for use with portable drills. 135 Split Point Drill Bits perform best in steel, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium, nickel and copper materials.

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