Assorted Grades of Bolts, Screws, Nuts and Washers 

Bristol Machine Company is the premier distributor and fabricator of fastening systems and industrial products that support various industries including construction, marine, and power (solar, wind energy, pole-line). Bristol Machine Company has the region’s most extensive inventory of Assorted Grades of Bolts, Screws, Nuts and Washers.

Bristol Machine Company has an extensive inventory of industrial Bolts, Screws, Nuts and Washers for use in various industries. Some of those components currently in inventory include:

  • Box Bolts
  • Hollo-Bolts Lag and
  • Carriage Bolts
  • Countersunk Bolts
  • Hex Bolts
  • Heavy Hex Bolts
  • TC Bolts
  • Hex Nuts
  • Heavy Hex Nuts
  • Square Nuts
  • Hex Jam Nuts
  • Heavy Jam Nuts
  • Hex Coupling Nuts
  • Lock Nuts
  • Sleeve Nuts
  • Standard Washers
  • Hardened Washers
  • Ogee Washers
  • Malleable Washers
  • Round Plate Washers
  • Square Plate Washers
  • Beveled Washers
  • Hardened Beveled Washers
  • Lock Washers
  • Load Indicating Washers
  • Rosette Washers
  • Hillside Washers
  • Clipped Hardened Washers

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